Failure to provide adequate warning for different products

If you or a loved one has been injured in Detroit, Michigan by a faulty or defective product, there are several categories of liability the manufacturer could be charged with, including:

  1. Detroit Failure to warn injury attorneysFailure to warn. If a manufacturer is aware of a defect within a certain product, such as a car or other device, and releases it out into the market anyway, they could be held liable for any injuries caused as a result. Companies have a legal and moral obligation to warn consumers of any potential hazards, substances, or materials in the products they manufacture. Failure to do so is criminal and subject to prosecution.
  2. Manufacturing or design defects. These imperfections may have occurred any time during the manufacturing process, and were missed due to poor quality control, operations management, or product design.

Failure to warn occurs all too often

In a pharmaceutical product study conducted by Michigan State University’s College of Law in 2007, they concluded that “’Failure to warn’ product liability claims are among the most common type of claims brought by patients who have been injured as a result of taking pharmaceutical products.” Whether you have been harmed after taking substandard pharmaceutical products as a result of any other kind of faulty product, it is imperative that you seek help from legal experts who can help you determine if a manufacturer is liable and what damages are warranted.

Failure to provide adequate warning for different products cases require quick and immediate action

If you suspect you a manufacturer has failed to warn you of a faulty or defective product, you should contact legal experts immediately. If you live in Detroit, Michigan, it makes sense to call our Personal Injury Law Firm, Injury Lawyer in Detroit. Our attorneys have successfully tried and won more product liability cases than any others in the Detroit area. Product liability covers at least 16 different categories, including failure to adequately warn. For more information on our law firm’s expertise in this field, visit

Don’t be pressured by a company that’s eager to settle

If you are injured by a product as a result of a manufacturer’s failure to warn and report a complaint, you may receive email or telephone correspondence from the company or its representative pressuring you to either drop the case or settle it for a nominal amount. This is not in your best interest. If a company tries to persuade you that your case is not viable, or influence you by promising you future discounts or free products, that is an obvious attempt to cover up and/or diffuse the situation.

You should not release any statements to the company’s lawyers or insurance representatives…you have the right to remain silent and retain legal representation. Injury Lawyer from Detroit, MI has access to experts in every field, from construction and healthcare to engineering. Once you call us, our legal team performs hours of research on your behalf to expedite your case so you don’t have to worry. First and foremost, as our client, you are our #1 priority – we will update you every step of the way and consult with you before we negotiate any settlement or pursue any legal action.

Product liability cases are winnable

If you search “product liability” on the State of Michigan Courts website (, you will find hundreds of cases that have been tried and won. Some of the defendants include large automobile companies, grocery store chains, home builders, and many others. Cases involve everything from serious injuries to wrongful death. Don’t be intimidated if the manufacturer you are considering suing is a large corporation. At Injury Lawyer in Detroit, we have experience filing cases in city, county, state, and federal courts. We have a proven record of winning product liability cases in Michigan, which is why we are Detroit’s #1 Personal Injury Law Firm. We are successful pursuing cases against small, local companies as well as large, international enterprises.

Call now to get the compensation you deserve

If a company is negligent and fails to warn consumers about a faulty or defective product, they should compensate any individual that suffers an injury or financial loss as a result. If you use a product correctly and it wasn’t made properly to begin with, you had no way of knowing it would harm you in any way. Therefore, you have a right to compensation for any pain, suffering, emotional distress, or monetary losses. Injury Lawyer in Detroit is on your side, fighting for your rights so you receive the justice you deserve. Call our legal team if you suffer from a defective product at 313-855-5665 today for a free consultation.