about injury attorneysInjury Lawyer in Detroit is here to help you with any problem that you may have. We will help you with your case and we will strive to provide you an excellent experience. We value our clients  and we will be with you on your entire journey, from doing the research and collecting evidence up to the verdict.

Our reputable and compassionate lawyers in the Detroit area have been aggressively defending the rights of individuals who need assistance in seeking legal representation of their cases. No matter how big or small the defendant in your case you are entitled to legal remedies to compensate you for the injuries, loss and pain, and suffering you have experienced.

Peter J. Staver has been an active member of the Michigan Bar Association since 1986 and is in good standing. His background consists of being a former U.S. Naval Officer, a retired Registered Nurse a well as a retired Registered Nurse Anesthetist.

Peter’s background and extensive knowledge earned while serving in the armed forces and practicing within the medical profession has given him an insight into various different legal fields and he has used these skills in his practice in the areas of Estate Planning, Elder law, Probate Administration, and all levels of services to health care professionals and general business owners and operators.

Peter’s level of expertise provides for the highest level of legal services to be provided to our clients with a level of diligence and thoroughness that is unmatched.