Have you been injured in a truck or bus accident in the Detroit?

It’s dangerous out there on the roads.  Despite the fact that most people take the utmost care in following driving laws and observing their surroundings, motor vehicle accidents happen every second of every minute.  Perhaps you have recently been the victim of a truck or bus accident.  While driving to work to the store, you may have encountered a large semi-truck or bus that was being operated by a careless driver…next thing you know, your car is totaled and you and your passengers are in pain.truck injury lawyers in detroit

Accidents such as these are never expected; nonetheless they are an unpleasant reality you may be forced to encounter someday.  Even though you were obeying all the rules, using caution, and wearing your seatbelt, you were still vulnerable to someone who wasn’t using proper judgment.  If you have been injured in a truck or bus accident, you need to call for medical assistance, call the police, and call a lawyer.

Trucks and buses require specialized training and licensure

Operators who drive trucks and buses require specialized training and a CDL or Commercial Driver License.  In order to be granted a CDL in the state of Michigan, drivers must pass rigorous knowledge, vision, and skills tests.  They must also meet certain eligibility criteria and pay CDL licensure fees.  The bar is raised for CDL operators, because often times these drivers are carrying heavy loads, hazardous materials, or multiple passengers on board.

Therefore they must pass tougher requirements once they obtain their CDL.  For more information on what is required of truck and bus drivers, visit michigan.gov/requirements

Trucks and buses can cause significant damage and injuries

Due to the nature of the trucking and transportation industries, when they are involved in motor vehicle accidents you can usually expect a heightened level of collateral damage.  Most semi-trucks and buses weigh several tons if not more, and can therefore create catastrophic damage in their wake.  In the blink of an eye, you or your loved ones can be hit by a large truck or bus and suddenly become incapacitated.

These types of motor vehicle accidents are some of the most deadly around, often warranting a trip to the hospital for a day or more.  Losing a day or more of wages or dealing with large car repair costs are not scenarios you should have to deal with if the truck or bus driver was clearly at fault.

Top reasons to call a specialty law firm after a bus or truck accident:

If it is likely that you are the victim of negligence following a bus or truck accident, you need to act quickly in order to exert your legal rights.  Unless you have a law degree and years of experience arguing cases in court, you need to consult with attorneys who specialize in trying motor vehicle accident cases.  Consider the following advantages of calling legal experts such as those at Injury Lawyer in Detroit:bus injury lawyers detroit

  • Experience – The legal team at Injury Lawyer in Detroit has more than 20 years of combined experience, successfully trying hundreds of motor vehicle accident cases involving trucks and buses.
  • No fees unless you win – You are not required to pay one dime to the lawyers at Injury Lawyer in Detroit unless they are successful in winning your case; once your case is won, they take a standard percentage from the adjudicated amount – truly a win-win for all.
  • Team of experts – Lawyers are not the only experts at the ready when you call us now – we have access to a large network of specialists such as engineers, physicians, and automobile designers.  When you call them, you are essentially calling experts in many specialty fields, which will prove to be critical to winning your case.

Truck and bus lawsuits can be extremely complex and time consuming

The legal team from Detroit injury lawyers leaves no stone unturned when it comes to investigating the merits of your truck or bus injury case.  They spend hours each day researching the facts of your case in order to obtain the critical documentation necessary to help prove negligence occurred.  For more insight as to how the firm determines negligence.

Taking action immediately is a must

There are many intricate laws on the books pertaining to driver responsibility, negligence, and limits on how and when motor vehicle accident lawsuits can be filed.  Therefore it is critical for you to call an experienced legal team as soon as you are able to in order to avoid missing out on compensation for you and your loved ones.  The experts at Injury Lawyer in Detroit will visit you at your home or in the hospital if needed, all you need to do is call them at 313-355-5665.  For more information visit our website, “Like” us on Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter.