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When you see your physician for a medical issue, you expect to be treated fairly and properly. Sometimes, you are prescribed certain medicines and other times you may be scheduled for a surgical procedure. surgen-misdiagnoseing-a-patienceIn either case, you are putting your complete trust and faith in your doctor, assuming he or she has your best interests in mind. What happens, though, if a medicine you were prescribed to take was not the right one for you, and you develop a severe allergic reaction, or end up in the hospital? All doctors aren’t created equal – there are a few that are not thorough and cautious, and their careless actions may end up hurting their patients.

Whether they do this intentionally or not doesn’t matter – they are bound by ethical and legal duties to treat you with the best care available, and if they don’t, they may be liable for improper treatment. If you live in Detroit, Michigan, and have experienced an adverse reaction to a prescription or surgical procedure, you should contact the legal experts at Injury Lawyer in Detroit. We are known as the #1 Medical Malpractice Law Firm in Detroit, and with good reason. Our extended legal team includes esteemed doctors, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals that work with us on all of our medical malpractice cases. We defer to them for their expertise on medical malpractice matters, which is why we are so successful at what we do.

Physicians are held to a higher moral and legal standard, as they are mandated to take a Hippocratic Oath, which basically requires them to utilize extreme caution and care when treating their patients. A portion of the Oath states: “I will willingly refrain from doing any injury or wrong from falsehood.” In other words, doctors must do diligent research before they prescribe any medication, recommend treatment, or perform a surgical procedure.

If you feel like you’ve been injured as a result of improper treatment, it is a good idea to call Injury Lawyer in Detroit right away. We will advise you of your legal rights and options going forward, and let you know if your situation merits pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit. Our reputable attorneys are experts at researching and prosecuting cases involving improper treatment. We know all of the time constraints and monetary limits that apply to such cases, and will do our best to make sure you receive any compensation you are entitled to.


Every state is different in terms of what the law dictates regarding awarding compensation. In Detroit, Michigan, there are several different categories of damages that may apply in a medical malpractice case, including:

Non-economic damages: this encompasses compensation for pain and suffering; mental anguish; and/or a reduction of quality of life. In Michigan, the cap for non-economic damages is $443,400. There are special circumstances, however, that can allow for an increase in damages if certain conditions apply, such as the loss of a limb or permanent brain damage.

Economic damages: in Michigan, there is no limit placed on items such as medical bills, medical treatment or care, loss of potential income or job, or other financial losses related to improper treatment by a physician or other healthcare professional.

Detroit-Improper-Treatment-LawyerRegarding time limitations, typically you have two years to file a medical malpractice case in our state, following the time the alleged injury or negligence occurred.

If you feel like you’ve received improper treatment from a doctor, surgeon, hospital, or other healthcare organization, don’t hesitate to seek legal help immediately from Injury Lawyer in Detroit. We are the leading authority on any case involving injury as a result of a product, individual, or negligent act. We can help you recover faster by offering you expert legal advice, assisting you with medical claims paperwork, and representing you in court. The health and welfare of you and your family are of utmost importance to us.

Our winning team will consult with you, answer any of your questions, and get you started on the road to recovery. You will be relieved knowing the #1 Injury Law Firm in Detroit has your best interests at heart. There is no fee required until your case is settled – guaranteed. Check out our website at to learn more about the types of cases we handle in addition to medical malpractice, including slip and falls, product liability, auto and boating accidents, mesothelioma and asbestos, and more. Any case involving a personal injury is our area of expertise.

Call our attorneys at 313-855-5665 to set up your free, personalized legal guidance appointment. We know how difficult it can be to make the decision to pursue a legal case, but sometimes, it’s the right thing to do. Doctors and other medical professionals need to be held accountable for their actions, and you shouldn’t suffer as a result of poor judgment or a medical error.